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against all evils". — [Even in sober-minded England charlatanism of all grades and
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unlikely that he would remain In condition long if he runs such a blood pressure when
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matters, the seal, the receipt and dispatch of correspondence, and the efficiency
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of fact, stunt fliers develop instinctively certain maneuvers which
ex anxiety
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T,he construction was under the d,iK»ction of Japanese engineers,
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except that Virchow falsely assumes three varieties of irritation, the
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By chance there came a man that way snapping his fingers.
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the department of text-books, in fact that of clinical text-books, a depart-
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to be called in for the settlement of questions of sanity, a demand, which, when com-
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a total of $4,903,294. The working expenses and taxes Df the
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is, of course, only a phase of the general development of culture, upon
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for a compound microscope constructed about this time turned out to be
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usual resisting power can, without pronounced symptoms, venture
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criticism of Buckle regarding the cultivation of the natural sciences is
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at this period it was first distinctly differentiated from the other acute
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berg Wells (1824-1879), professor of ophthalmology in King's College, a pupil of von
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Virchow, like Roeschlaub (whose general views he adopts in many
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be given of the special features of each line. These points, taken
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forehead, wearing a long petticoat, dances up and down, to and
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the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the chest''. Dr. Chas. J. B. Williams of
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of ever}' age — but they are not the truth. Hence they are for the most
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lireat Wall— a triangle mcluding many thousand square miles and
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1569 from Paris to London, that the actual forceps was invented and first employed.
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the whale and eliphant to the fly and spider, which last is a very delicate piece
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Our whole object is to determine any undesirable psychomotor or
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Gerh. van Onsenoort (1782-1841) in Utrecht, who likewise devoted atten-
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pressure calculated allowing 40 mm. Hg. for the tension of water
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1. Heinrich Friedr. Germann (1820-1878), professor in Leipzig, ra 1876 followed in
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commodities, a^d thl tendency, as the raUways are extended and
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phat-ne zang lu-zap-naise. Obanft, lere-fra muJchang, 3
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