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a humane practitioner of surgery and accordingly very busy and greatly

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Geneva in 1877 exhibited oxygen in the form of a liquid, thus confirming the

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northern Manchuria, and it is the principal port for the fleet of river

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remedies : cubic-nitre, copper and iron, and accordingly also three primary

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to the patient in such cases. In severing the umbilical cord

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mortgage bonds and $3,672,671 permanent investments in the prop-

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The systolic pressure in both postures, reclining and standing, was

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of the College de St. Come by Pitard. and their strife was really never con-

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recent manifestation, however, is the modern "Spiritualism", which counts its follow-

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and methods for the cure of disease is ever the portion of physicians ;

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standards and practice, including a considerable amount of special

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certain of the freight-car bodies, part of which came from the TAng-

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to Dr. David Hosack, who was also Prof, of materia medica and botany

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high altitudes, the value of which has undoubtedly been overesti-

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and the secreted materials. Respiration was based upon the mechanics of

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Practice. The limitations imposed by the practical requirements' of

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logical elaboration, if such an expression may be allowed. On all sides, however, the

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Regius professor of midwifery etc. in the University of Glasgow and a popular teacher

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glass plate. The chronoscope starts recording time the

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327, 444-445. 558-559, 743-745 — language of, 553, 617 n. 1 — statutes

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auscultation, and was an eminent obstetrician as well as editor of the "Archives de

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General duels and fracases were an everyday matter (Jahn's life of Euleri — all of

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continues to progressively increase slightly and gradually until 12.5

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