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maintained. We should look for compensation by other factors in

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As already stated, the Mmistry of Communications is oi^anized for

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of the screen. The test object was held on the opposite side

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easy or difficult for the aviator to devote his entire attention to his

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grade. It is also probable that other branches will be built in ilio

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Hugo Gourraigne (about 1730), of the Faculty of Montpellier; finally

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^ Education of Chinese for administrative and technical positions

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thorough student of antiquity and conscientious writer,

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ciency attained in executing voluntary motor coordinations manifest

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a native of Londondeny, but brought up from childhood in New York, one of the

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In France C. M. Billard (died 1828) cultivated within the anatomical school the

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that more frequent visits are made, and this is true for all their clientele without

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raised about 10 millimeters of mercury. In an individual weakened

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manifestly, in abstraction of its premises and the boldness of its conclu-

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own times, and until towards the close of the seventies, when the old

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were seven of the directors of private railways who received no

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ance which is practically normal, even up to a minute or two before

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French into Latin by Philemon Holland, and published in London in 1639.

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French staff is in ■techmail control oi tile .lina ^"^"^^ ^'^'^ ^'^''''^

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friend of the actual cautery, an offshoot of Gra?co-Arabian surgery not speedily

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thoroughly diffused that even from America P. F. Da Costa Alvarenga

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results. — Of the homoeopathic system itself the old criticism that " What is true is

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from his own, as well as for an energy not to be quenched by bodily disease. As

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extirpation of diseased ovaria " etc., Edinburgh, 1825; "A system of practical

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demanded, e. g. before the battle near Dettingen, an arrangement in which

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'• 138, line 6 from the top, insert "general" before ''pathology."

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of the natural sciences by his own discoveries and inventions, though he

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from one lobule to another, and the apices of the upper lobes are its ordinary seat.

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would largely hinder the expedition of the work on, account of the

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purchfises, Mr. K N. Chilson, of the J. G. White Engineering Corpoj

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