Some top sayings and casino expressions out there

http://joustfesttexas.comSome top sayings and casino expressions out there. There are some famous sayings and expressions which are very popular among those who are related to casino and gambling. In this article, we are going to show a list of those sayings. Click here for daftar poker.

The very famous- ‘No more going’

How many times have you heard this phrase? We bet that a few. Probably the movies have had enough to do with the daily use of this expression. The truth is that although it has its origin in the croupier when it indicates that you cannot make more bets, some apply it to all areas.Visit this site for daftar poker.

An ace up your sleeve

Without realizing the phrases of the casino have crossed the borders. Maybe your grandmother has never played poker and uses this casino expression as the most.

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For those who are part of that group that -this- does not know the meaning of this expression, here goes its meaning:

– In the cards, cheating. In most card games, the ace is the best. Therefore, if you have an ace up your sleeve you will take it out at the time that best suits you so that you can win at the table.

– In daily life, a plan B. The plan can be an idea, a strategy … the person keeps the plan secret and brings it out when it really is needed, as in the letters.

The casino never loses

Or always win. Look at it the way you want. It is also true that there are other versions of this as “the bank never loses”, but the idea is the same for all: even if you win: they earn more.

This casino phrase does not only apply in the gambling halls, but you may also have heard it while playing a game with your friends.

Write down! You already have a sentence to say the next time you win being the bank.

Play only what you can lose

Or put another way, do not play what you do not have. If your wallet is as full as the one in the photo, you’d better play another day.

The idea is that you only bet the “extra” money you have. Of course, if you win, it will be good news, but if you lose you should not spend “anything” since you can continue to make your normal life.

Our advice: keep this casino saying in mind.

He who does not risk does not win

This is another of the mythical and can be applied to everything. To win something, you’ll have to put something into play first. However minimal, you should always take some risk.

Of course, even if you want to win, keep in mind the size of the risk you are going to take. Although you cannot be sure of everything, you can always calculate some probabilities.