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Strohl's compariaon of hearts of Alpine and Moor snowbirds 23

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tions of t^ the Kachdri has some idea, however vague and unsatis-

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and a similar absorber for oxygen, containing a solution of pyrogai-

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even of some physicians. (At the present day it is the fashion to send tuberculous

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irritation als besondere Krankheit, nebst Beitragen zur Semiotik und Therapie des

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sion of a model orthopaedic institute, upon which, during his lifetime, he had already

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learned societies, which constantly arose in increasing numbers.

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is even more pronounced in China than in Australia. It may be said

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Among the fortj'-one "Pilgrim Fathers", who with their families con-

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with eyes shut, because it would be sure to cause dizziness and

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begging in the streets of Rome. He had written for Christina his work

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in America, which he dedicated to the princess Caroline. Dr. Boylston

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is that the Ja-imnese have not been any more successfuUh an America! I

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11. As soon as data is complete to this point, enter it on the three

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bandage or a new knife — to be always an inventive Odysseus, and under

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the main city of Canton, and runs in a southwesterly direction

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increased, as e. g. in typhous processes. The condition in which the color-

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the required lectures, since independent investigation was rare, belief in the authori-

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various conditions of age and sex, and even in regard to mode of life and time of day.

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Puccinotti, Salvatore di Renzi (1800-1872). and Alfonso Corradi (epi-

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bef^^eitr/rhfr'hi^ '^'^ ^^.^''^ ""^ ?^^^^^^^ i^ ^^^^'

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than was supposed to be the case some years ago ; and members

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take up the bmiieas. the *. "hiaese shall then t)e at liberty to ohtai.ii .money and. niateriak

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1842); Dr. William Darlington (1782-1863, Darlingtonia Californica) ; Dr. Lewis C.

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by being returned to the jurisdiction of the several divisions. That

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from nnii^^^^ and cost of construction and improvement^ as

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Czermak the laryngoscope was adapted to practical purposes by

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tea-garden, or at the pretty little rustic church at Tezpur itself,

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of man, but only in the definite, ever recurring arrangement which each

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is intended for the information and instruction of those who are

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