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fact that even though the usual order of seeing the objects on the

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their future calling. All knowledge attains its ethical value and its true significance

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All locomotives are of British construction, except a relatively

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larly of the "Vienna school", equipped with both medical and general edu-

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tJiaii 100 miles under eonsfcnictioo. The Manila Eleetril Railway^

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ing; he should be practiced before turning in executing his touch,

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(Lectures on surgical pathology ; Lectures on tumors etc., 1851); Fred-

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were very largely foHowed. On the Imes buift by Chinese engineers

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A good respiratory reaction to the gradual decrease in the oxygen

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He claimed, however, to have himself discovered the secret — a fenestrated

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more widely distributed one than it was at one time supposed

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anatomy of the urogenital organs. At a later period, from his character and his

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fees and accounts of the practicers in physic ", passed by the General Assembly of

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certainly of average health, though not in the best of training. Five

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his nephew, who extended the doctrine of the "enormon" (which he named "Impetum

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1881 officiated the "first female professor" since the days of Salerno, Madame

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reports, using a "picture" language, because the men are not suffi-

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the body is healthy, or as Schonlein says : health is the balance, or better

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1888. We record here an observation made by this famous Strassburg clinician

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However It ng too the function may continue to be performed in this natural way. it

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" Vorlesungen iiber specielle Pathologie und Therapie" were edited, however, and

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haste was required, or the great, number of the vessels rendered ligation difficult. —

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died suddenly of an affection of the brain. His trusty friend Francois Chopart ( 1743—

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hue running west from Pogranichnaya (Suifenho, Chinese name)

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mission in that district, having his head-quarters at Tezpur.

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Most of the ties are Australian hardwoods. There are 46 steel

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