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Golden Lion Chinese

over of a number of the private railways since that time and the
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Diseases of the Skin were studied as a specialty in France at a very early date,
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, lUe period be^^mnmg with the year 1906 may also be divided
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theory, a school to which the present popularity and general recognition of
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In March of this year this administration received, through the Ministry of Com-
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regulations, and many other larger and smaller states and cities followed
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and, what is more important, professors of pharmacy in France.
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"Ues 'Oi ill ,e Biidcr eonstniclioo Ill" II 1 1 1 1
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the Hessian service, having received his discharge from the Austrian government.
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for the Japanese products may be liigher than for those from other
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whose claim to have passed a sponge probang through the larynx excited
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weight, the algesiometer and algesiochronometer of F. Bjoernstroem of
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the National Lying-in Hospital in Dublin, and an eminent obstetrician of that city.
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a doubling, of the blood flow may be accomplished with very little
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^.fter laying the foundation of his education in Giessen, was compelled to complete
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the Pennsylvania Hospital, founded in 1762, and now containing about
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The famous Jesuit Athanasius Kireher (1598-1680) of Fulda, who already brought
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a wholesome respect for chastity is maintained, and Kach&ri
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been parti}' and in spite of themselves very prejudicial to private practice
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tional one tradition probably the outcome of Hindu imaginativeness
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of oxygen in the lungs, and proposed to antagonize it by the inhalation of carbonic
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Large worfahops are located at Harbin. These are capable of
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he detected the presence of the musket-ball in the body of Garibaldi. His extremely
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"Anatomia artifiziale dell' occhio umano", which was translated into Latin and
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to the wire, or the wire may be set to the meniscus. After an
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Adrian van Pappendorp discussed congenital closure of the anus, and J. Piet. Rath-
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stocks of the Union Trunk Co., and the Compania de los Trans vias
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enormous amount of unexpended energy, he seeks some channel — any
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such time as it can be furnished from Belgium or France after the
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of the eye. He is said to have proposed the operation of iridectomy as early as
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complementary circulation of the lymph and chyle was associated with
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streets. 5. Laystalls so near the city, especially on the north side. 6. Slaughter-
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f-ercentage' of a large co,astwise traffic is carried in foreign
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TMedical advertising seems to have been very well understood in Eng-
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great success as did Sj'denham with his cooling system, and thus either the power of
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operation of iridokleisis, i. e. the healing of a part of the iris in the corneal wound,
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said the monkey, in great glee, " you would have gobbled up jtny
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faculty in question proposed in the presence of the -Depositar", who had
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The relative importance of the Italian universities may be judged from the
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