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physicians in the United States. [In 1886 the " New Yorker medizinische Presse ", a

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Roeschlaub laid down, as the quintessence of his doctrine, thirty so-called laws

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whose "Treatise on the improvement of midwifery" etc. (London 1733) contributed

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period of 10 weeks, decreased to the normal for the lower altitude.

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to secure a conviction. The relations of the sexes too are on the

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there to Chengtu, tbe capital of the very important Province of

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than three members of the board of mafiagmii&t. To the shares wUlbe^ attached a

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the philosophers of nature. On both sides we enumerate here the physi-

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with the <}haracter of the season and the day. On fair days tiie

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barbarous age, and to reduce life in the universities to a more polished form. By

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concessionaires have claimed the right to investigate and develop

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uance of the constituent anatomical elements, which are directed by the

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received 5000 marks ; when van Swieten was offered a salary of 20,000

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Primerose was of Scotch descent, but born and educated in France. He graduated

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to Tibet and China as the original home of the race. The

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kunde". Prof. Jos. Pilz in Prague; Hasner von Artha of the same city; Otto

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chief rivers of the province, such as Diputa, Dihong, Dibong,

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over the steep grades of the teniporarv line at the point that is to bo

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of France and of the empress Maria Theresa, who was the first to empha-

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pool e. g. enjoys the luxury of but 10 homceopathists, Glasgow but five etc. In

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Dieu, as the}' had in the preceding century. The participation of men in

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To explain the fall in alveolar carbon dioxide pressure and the

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into the body, and we must admit a dyscrasia (ichorous infection) occa-

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Another peculiarity of the medicine of the present day, the almost exclusive

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Pietro Vannoni of Florence ; Biancini ; Bongiovanni ; Bili ; Giuseppe

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depots. Above all amputations, so frequent at an earlier date, have largely

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present water-transportation routes, as did the Shanghai-Nankinff

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surgery in the College of Physicians, taught an '"irritability of the fiber", as well as

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inoculation were usually established in secluded places in the neighbor-

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inistry of Communieations. Station masters (station agents), as-

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Apothecary and Chirurgeon. No candidates are either examined or licensed, or

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changes as symptomatic and not the essence of disease. 'As a continual

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of fall for eight men at the per cent of oxygen or pressure corre-

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He was also distinguished as an oculist, preferring extraction to depres-

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in the tissue ensues, and the further transformation of this material is

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