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expounded his doctrine in Vienna as earl}* as 1796. It was, however, interdicted by

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There are observations to show that purely nervous factors, such

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least occasional dissections were made in most of the universities. 1 This

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75 per cent from freight, and more than 75 per cent of the freio-hfc

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Even the latter does not correspond with German ideas of hygiene." Such

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allowed 35,000, Germany and Austria 32,000, France 26,000 etc. The Medical

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The modern theory of the production of diseases through infection

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practised since the earliest periods of histor}- — which was introduced

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a professorship in the new medical school of Yale College in 1813. His

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evidence of overwork from the start, and eventually dilate and give

formula 41 extreme customer reviews

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manent structures in the course of time. There is no stone or timber

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treatment of diseases of the larynx (and lungs) was introduced by Jean Sales-Girons

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To facilitate m local negotiations, the Russo-Chinese Bank will maintain an a<^ent

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In England, where the barbers were not separated from the higher

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character of the motion to which he is subjected, but he is keenly

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city is stretched out for several miles on the island of Hongkong

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its influence the seed may be sown for a combination of investigation and

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well adapted to the object desired. Hence after the middle of the 18th century com-

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lung and mechanical obstruction of the pulmonary vessels, for which he advised

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The situation in Janan is interesting and instructive and is verv

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danger of " suggestion " as an etiological factor of nervous diseases

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Class II. contains diseases arising from changes in the blood: 1. Erythrosen ;

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From an excessive impressibility of the vital force arise :

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tion, of a philosophy which in the preceding century the upper classes alone embraced,

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fessor in the universit}' of the latter city, subsequently at Messina, and

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exists in the body a reserve or dormant supply of red corpuscles

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"Dr. Shippen, Jr., having been lately called to the assistance of a number of

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be of great benefit to the development of all this region if the Harbin-

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plates, 1830—184^, and his '.'Traite d' anatomie pathologique generale", 1849-64, with

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Superintendent, geological section C. Kido, Dairen.

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composition and original diversity of matter, and is inseparable from the

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influence upon the employment of this instrument was exercised by the

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practical medical research at the sickbed, and the basis of thoughtful

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vators, and by means of this the accelerations, retardations, and mo^

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areca-nut and betel-leaves and dried fish (na-gran}.

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liarriiugs i>er to::i carried 1 mile '..'.'."'.'.

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time in a given district. "uncuit to bell goods at a particular

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examination blank, and the general field of complete physical exami-

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which I am acquainted are ''The Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh ", founded

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as a physiologist and investigator of the function of the individual parts of the brain,

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within him. He was. in accordance with the requirements of Hippocrates,

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Hangchow-Xingpo lines, both under British foreign staffs. It is

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exceeded a height of more than 6,000 feet, while the average altitude

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"We detest under our hands that we can see nor find nothing about the said head,

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sated in a test of 36 minutes down to 7.5 per cent and in one of 90

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perfect in its development (a position which admits of both boldness and

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