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^h^ ™ "l Tr""^ \charged to the sale of the 4 per cent bonds,

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Hsh name used by the Ifinistry of Communications as Kaifeng-

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pressure notes, duplicate of psychologist's notes, kymograph tracing)

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and transformation of almost all the sciences, and in art, by the establish-

development of equivalent stress block parameters for fly-ash-based geopolymer concrete

tigations resulted in the fact that from this period forward pathologico-

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been already seen by Mery and their existence had been confirmed b}-

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dikhdng-ndnUi Tic^ru-f^Lr-'kJio su-srd-ndnui, dng-kho

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a false step. It is a misfortune that our false steps may so easily prove fatal; but

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trolled emotion, or thought not related to the situation may be the

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IV. Safety to the eye. — The parts of the goggle which come in con-

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4. The stopcock at the top of the gas burette is open to the outside

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formed upon Charles Hudson, a doorkeeper of Parliament, and the patient never-

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wards to the neighbourhood of Jalpaiguri. They would seem

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and in its form, as merePy an expression of the degree in which the system

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high place, nor will he shine brightly in the examination-room

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made a most brilliant beginning), had lain almost entirely fallow, and even

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allgemeinen und speziellen Chirurgie, 1846-1857, I'd. ed., I vol., 1862; Die angebore-

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been proven by studies on the after effects of high altitudes in those

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a greater or less degree. Among these belong, above all, quite a number

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correctly sensed by normals, both types of deaf-mutes, and both types

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through Ids influence. His text-books of physiology, comparative anatomy, natural

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1603. An "Academia del cimento", founded in Florence in 1657, selected,

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altogether. In this way they are well fitted for all forms of

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we have accustomed ourselves to condemn only the theories of the past.

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Prof, of surgery, first known to fame as the co-editor of the well-known journal, is an

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i. Ixcatioii of line of Southern Maiichurian Rftilway and deti^iroination of nlwcm

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income again rose to its former height, and even extreme old age failed to

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as roughly equal to one- tenth of a Chinese cent, but its actual value

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discrimination between the color of a building, field, forest, or swamp

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amount of travel or the earnings of these several classes. The

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will be correspondingly early impaired. Inasmuch as the strain is

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to 2 good groschen, while in Helmstiidt they cost only 1 2 pfennige, which

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