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her first professor of anatomy in the person of Joh. Albert Sebiz in 1652, and a horri-

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accepted. Business slioidd be done with these railways along these

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Libraries, medical .... 120, 215 n. 3, 323 n. 1, 581, 811-812

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the compensating mechanisms to the utmost capacity in order to pre-

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20 per cent began to react between 9,000 and 10,000

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regards the recognition and the success of his labors, the French Laennec met a fate

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Rene Theodore Hyacinthe Laennec (also Laennec, la Ennec, even

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Society, through the investigations to which it gave occasion, was by means of

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them would seem now to dwell anywhere near a large river or

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a line of demarkation between acuities of this perception compatible

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per cent in the nasal field. Five minutes after returning to sea level

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with, however, a head and girder stiength probably equivalent to 7(i

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excite him or cause apprehension or concern. Trivial remarks fre-

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ratus. Fin. and Be., who fainted at 9.8 per cent (20,000 feet) and

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mteresi, to run a total of 30 years, amortization to begin the eleventii

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further being compelled to provide a home for the erring

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lor his efforts in advancmg tlie industrial development of China.

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ity ' The higher elements of the profession were becoming also more

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Far East.. The number of tramway in Oiina is very small, there

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be, the duty of art, if it is to be art in reality.

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castes of Hindus, happily find no place whatever in the more

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fully investigating " mountain sickness " and the adaptive changes

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Stimolo and Contrastimolo, the doctrine of . . . . 867-871

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and it is a question if it would not be well to use a cycloplegic in the

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TientfliiL Sod6t6 Anonyme, with headquarters m Brussels, Belgium. Head omce in

stress block parameters for high-strength concrete members

— The earliest veterinary school founded in England, however, was the London

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Spain vaccination was diffused by Amar. Gil and Salva.

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cases, even after prolonged instruction, the pupil may still misjudge

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which vivifies it, the innervation which imparts to the tissues their tone

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a knowledge of nature, and thus, if he had acquired greater immediate influence on

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1872) and Paul Jos. Lorain (1817-1876) displayed their activity. Here

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