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regarding the action of drugs upon animals. The latter were vivisected
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principal use of the line is the transporting of this company's coal to
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Hankow-Szechwan (Han-Chuan) Railwaj^, the Canton-Samshui (Kwang-Sam) Kail-
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surgical diseases. This nosology was the cause of Cullen's reputation,
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dynamic disturbances were disregarded, and even the diseases of the fluids
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signs of an injury to the vital force — that remedy must be selected,
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Carbon dioxide in the blood, effect on respiratory center 23, 24
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actions ; more careful." This is doubtful. Not particularly athletic. Educa-
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but neither of these have been properly proved to determine their
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ditTori^?;.T'f i^.S'r.*''^ T'f '"« requirements and repairing fon!
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Graduating in 1803, he practised two years in Paris and then served for three years
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berg, who fell a victim to diphtheritic infection contracted b} r sucking the
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characteristically modest estimate of his task and of his power
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retain .possession of the Chinese Eastern Raii.w»y during the conrae of 80 Wre from
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For when we depreciate the connexion of a science, we begin substantial!)' to deny
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noteworthy is undoubtedly that known as the cc Tamar ghar " or sacrifices
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corpse, 1875); Leyden (the same withdrawn from the lungs of the living patient by
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and as a consequence instead of securing acclimatization to low
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given previous to the commencing of the run, so that no instructions
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ophthalmologique" etc., 1852-59, furnished an excellent pathologico-anatomical atlas
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like a beardless child.' Now followed the hand-kissing. Salt was placed in the
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facture. The first three engines were small secondhand loco notives
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Ghutiyds, undoubtedly held sway for a lengthened period.
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of the philosophers of nature is quite manifest. It would be amazing that
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rubiiahing Co. of New York, and Frank Shipley, of Seattle.
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crombie (1780-1844) of Edinburgh, who adopted the pathologico-anatomical tendency
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combined with much oddit}- and mannerism in general style. The latter
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Pharmacy of course must have profited by the introduction of im-
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fatigable in his exertions to elevate science. His relations with Haller were active
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centuries following the battle of Hastings. In this way it may
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and eulogist of the modern realistic tendencies, i. e. the inductive phil.

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