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iest influence upon the development of the germ theory was exercised,

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A shradh with feasting of the dead man's relatives takes place

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Mesmerism or animal magnetism, which continued to haunt us down in to

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the high altitude. It has also been shown that fatigue, induced by

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1917, the arraegemeiit was moclified by the institution of what was

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'transferred" to Erlangen, and in consequence resigned his professorship. In 1832

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forensic medicine in the London University, is specially well-known in

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amount of evidence of the fallibility of these examinations has come

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organism, and to furnish the greatest guarantee for its continuance"- — a pure ab-

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hygienic welfare, etc., in the railway "area, was, on the otiier hand,

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increase in alveolar oxygen permits the blood to be more thoroughly

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chair leads to a considerable reduction in the violence and the dura-

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fungoid nature of muscardine (demonstrated by Lebert in all tissues of the silkworm),

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then inserted in the lower end of the cartridge, the rubber ring fitted

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ing marriage. The bodies of both victims were dragged by the frightened horses to

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stead in his dealings with men probably as varied in their

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The Duane disk is the best test object for general use. It is

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where he popularized physical diagnosis and cultivated experimental pathology,

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(a) The young people occasionally take the matter into

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1. The University of San Marcos at Lima in Peru is said to have been chartered by

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coniin synthetically, and this first production of a vegetable product by synthesis is

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fields for form and color, at 15,000 feet a slight contraction, and at

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of examination, and it may pretty safely be asserted that a man who

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has inclined rather to the preservation of wounded parts and members,

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b} r the important discovery of reflex phenomena, communicated to the

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non-observer of caste regulations ; such persons being in the

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ever, was generally small — as a rule hardly 200 marks ($50), at most 1000

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designed for the ministry. While studying with this object in Wiirzburg he became

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five minutes caused a return of the fields to normal. Several fields

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get-not-because of. goat beat-ing, goat ba-baa say-did.

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an indurated ulcer is a sign of a constitutional infection alreadj' accomplished, that

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and more speed}' transportation of the wounded through the invention of

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ations. A surgeon for a large city must make two anatomical demonstrations and

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essentielles". In these he shows himself an eminent physical diagnostician

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unusual in some countries, for agriculture too was in a condition of depression, and a

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or less modern methods prevail and which are, in the main, under

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principles such as were laid down by Adam Smith (died 1790) in his "Wealth of

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