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A very useful word Is ndng-go (Assamese M-ge), to express
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nent ophthalmologist and neurologist, physician to the London Hospital ; Sir William
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that were under private management by companies established before the third year
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to attain the Rectorate in Vienna. At an earlier period he had been a professor in
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reasonable man. Medicine is not a production of human reason, but a daughter of
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v^ience rrn "»l'''id mipositions of this likin, causing much mcon-
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provide animals for sacrifice. They are also privileged to hold
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proverb " Galenus dat opes", still held good to some extent; now, however, when the
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fistulas and lesions of the uterus. In his " Traite des fistnles vesico-uterines " etc.,
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.1 OCSl •••.••••••.«.,.,.,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,
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the general sciences, from which, by the establishment of the barriers of
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Greifswald and subsequently ordinary physician to the emperor Nicholas :
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tissue — against the inroads of the entity, disease. Fever in particular
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'Chnchow, to be taken from there^ by water to the Han-Yeli-Piu'tr Iron
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reputation particularly by his activity in the study of bandaging (Traite des bandages
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read a night to remember online free
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English, 922 ; in the United States, 927-28 ; in Germany, 960-61.
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teachers. Gradually instruction in these branches has become obligatory
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smallest particles, and likewise conditions the functions of bodies. Des-
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The comp,any sliall ,alaO' be ,al„lowed in the regions traversed by this branch line to
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.meat, or mav he iotefested ia .such schemes., ah,all, hi the tiret iii.-
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quiescence. It ma}- be remarked that Brisseau-Mirbel held that the tissues
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Chief, traffic section , K . Tamaka (secretary), Sapporo.
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require no artificial aid. Accordingly fever is an expression of the sensibility of
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18th centuries (Loeffler); Giov. Batt. Spallanzani, physicus and a physician
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owing to the shortage ot ireight steamers from that country to China.
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Account of the Principal Lazarettos of Europe", London, 1789.]
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most rapidly when the subject is in excellent physical condition. If
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dissection of a human body in 1750, in conjunction with Dr. John Bard. Dr. Mid-
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percentage- it is necessary to make allowance for the variations in
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:Siiiee likin, only Uxm tl» Irwlier. oiw may qiwstioa why we eliould advoratft ila
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