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tte laborers from some other parts of China. Pukow, on the Yangtet

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ment. Even under normal conditions it is probable that the freio-ht

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" safety lamp" etc.]; Faraday, (1791-1867); James Marsh (1789-1846), Marsh's test

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treorge A Kyle, chief engineer of the Siems-Carey projects, and were

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It was influenced by that of the Spaniard Franc. Solano de Luquez (1685-1738),

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and as such a follower of Herbart, who appeared as a special opponent of

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Mob" of 1788 in New York, which for two da}'S defied the control of both

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tively increased importance. It follows that it is of prime impor-

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of theae bonds, shall be subject to the sanction of th« Minister of Finance.

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minute, held there for five minutes and then dropped at the same

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Napoleon III., who elevated "Nationality" to the ruling principle in politics, though

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The Deoris and Bar^his, however, still follow largely certain

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(establishing the color-reaction as diagnostic of definite species etc.) and

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sometimes present the appearance of moving through grain fields

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years three daily efforts infra et u /ergo in the form of the appropriate^ named

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piece of celluloid between. This piece of celluloid cuts down the

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whose " Medical Jurisprudence", published in conjunction with Francis

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the vestibular apparatus is made to experience rotational vertigo.

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French by Picard and into English by Frank Chase (1860); Gesammelte Abhand-

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ml w l^t!^^^^^^ ^^^ ^''^'' ""^f ^**^«^ ?^^^^^ ^^ P*>int« wJiwe flood

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arly of James Currie (Medical reports on the effect of water, cold and warm, as a

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weakness, and occasionally there have been cases of sudden decom-

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portance. It is well known that the vasomotor system is the most

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functional murmurs which did not alter during the test while the

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an oculist ; the somewhat later Sir John Taylor 3 (1708-1767, or according to

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6. Note also on face of card whether man is apparently a desir-

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of Wales and one of the most eminent of pathological anatomists, described the

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