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Yangtze Kiver near the landing hulks of the Yangtze River lines and

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combustion in the muscles. That this is often the case is proven by

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itself chiefly with the alkaloids, of which Magendie introduced a large number into

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died of the disease, while Maria Theresa survived it. In Kamschatka in 1708-69 one

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on streams in the Kachari country, cholera or other malignant

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was distinguished chiefly as an ophthalmic surgeon, and introduced into

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causes), the " Suscepta" (external mechanical injuries), and the "Inspirata"

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cautions the physician should not neglect if he desires to make his fortune in this

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irogs usee are of the same general design. The British design of

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ous for their gossip. Indeed, the very existence of domestic life, the fortress and

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runs reaching a/ low percentage (below 7 per cent) in less than 22

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he published anonymously his first collection of poems. Most of his poems originated

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zdbai" han-ndntii mdlai-nl game game kJiithd-bai-naise.

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again attained a dominating influence, and least of all the surgery of this

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charge of the Shanghai-Hangchow-Nmgpo Ihie, as explained later.

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ship course in various railway ecmipment plants. Some of the present

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was 26 seconds after right turn, 26 seconds after left turn; on this

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practice to meet the requirements of the Chinese Government Rail-

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often difficult to determine whether a part lives or not.

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under similar conditions. The obvious remedy in both cases is to

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Bright and Chambers were his attending physicians. His body is entombed in the

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the Berlin "Societat der Wissenschaften". founded in 1700 on the pattern of the

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to visit such patients even once, they were advised by Minderer each time

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this concern, since its operations are conducted separately from those

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Here he established the first surgical clinic, provided for its hygienic arrangements etc.

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to have the great number of harbors, mostly smaU, that now exist

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his discharge in the official records of the guild. As now we, in complicance with

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midwifer} 7 , recommended in profuse haemorrhages to wrap the legs in cold wet towels,

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to be greater than in the man in whom little or no fermentation is

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Loubet, an army-surgeon, Delaisse, a surgeon of Montfort, and l'Amaury also

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