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was professor of the clinic for internal diseases in Tubingen, In this

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lasted several days. 1 Not only physicians, but also other professors and students.

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our centur}*. It manifested itself first in France, whose Romanic people

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Medicin", 1860. Czermak also cultivated Rhinoscop}'. Contemporaneously with

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devoted attention to subjects connected with state-medicine. Still the

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anchoring the rail. All track is laid with square joints, in accord-

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wandering unconsciously and accidentally into homoeopathic paths, he

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Archeus influus. Regarded as the faculty of appetite it has its seat in the spleen ;

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aroused and kept awake, a tendency to which, as we have seen, Skoda gave

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In 1776 the pay of hospital surgeons was increased to $1.66 per day, that of

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latter. By reason of this dependence upon form and composition, and

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"Ues 'Oi ill ,e Biidcr eonstniclioo Ill" II 1 1 1 1

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l)ractice of mating such investigation and study of other railway

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such conduct was" bully" ("forsch")! (Marx.) The ceremony of "Deposition"

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operative midwifery in difficult cases. The instruction was given in ac-

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C. Hueter (1837-1880) of Marburg, professor in G-reifswald, and W.

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cordance with the numerous manuals for midwives which already existed,

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GROUP OF MECHES (Goalpara District). From a Photograph

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value of money, the first visit at the residence of the patient, according to

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20 per cent began to react between 12,000 and 13,000

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both), on the other hand, impresses its stamp not onl} T upon theology,

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driving force of the organism, and are in the highest degree im-

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The candidate also should be able to hold the breath a minimum, in

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Yet even the sober English have not kept entirely free from attempts

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the Chinese Government Railways is now approximately 21,000

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prearranged dates, the women of a village, sometimes of a group

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low breather is at a greater disadvantage than the man who breathes

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1838), well-known by his " Handbuch der Augenheilkunde (1825) unci der

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