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too hard ; at first, perhaps, with plenty of reserve, but later the limit

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Iatro-mathematieians of the eighteenth century, who (like some of those

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beginning) are now forced by "overpopulation" to socialistic measures in politics,

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added. Manchmia has an area 25 per cent greater than either

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and daim the mineral resources for future development of the rail-

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mus — turning to right, lO^V; turning to left, 18 1^ seconds.

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14 10 16 i; 13 10 «0 21 2: 23 21 53 26 27 23 20 "0 01 32 'ii

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all of French design and manufacture. One notable exception to

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pursued his studies. He accidentally returned to Paris in 1818, when Broussaisism

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At present there are no foreign experts in the employ of the

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the present day has become dietetically so important.

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using a Prince rule with Jaeger test type or the Duane disk as a

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1869; Association of American Medical Colleges, 1876; American Dermatological

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etc., 1832; ''A treatise on the venereal disease of the eye", 1880, etc.

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together with the laity of high position, took part in them. On the occasion of the

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assimilation, or through the deposit of injurious material in the body, also occasions

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department and the efficiency 'necords of the 'members of the department not under

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The famous Jesuit Athanasius Kireher (1598-1680) of Fulda, who already brought

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mutes were the subjects of these experiments. Two showed normal

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like trepanning (and both Bilguer and Theden advocated the latter operation), was

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abdomen, heretofore unattained and unattainable. This method was tapping

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them "Superarbitrien" or supreme judgments were sought, and in the follow-

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arteriosclerotics, and there will be normal psychological reactions

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Army medical affairs made some advance in the 18th century, though

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the Mark; in northern Germany and Westphalia in 1741 : on the Rhine in 1756 etc.

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churia Railwaj. This territory was and is now served bv the native

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tice. By numbers only can we ascertain the frequency of this or that

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(manslaughter) involving a very heavy penalty, when he

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that the volume of fresh air taken into the lungs per minute during

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belong the aristocratic skeptics and followers of Locke, Anthony Ashley Cooper,

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The president of the Cbinese Eastern Railway Co.. will likewise be responsible for

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a peasant in Ma.xen. near Dresden, and owed his opportunities for study to the favor

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The English philosophers stood in intimate relations with the French (who-

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down with the lowering of barometric pressure. This also holds

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67, line 13 from the bottom, read "Iatri" instead of " Tatri."

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eyes; Arthur Jacob (1790-1874), an eminent anatomist and ophthalmologist of Dub-

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