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academic citizenship, as it is to-day. It cost for the nobility a greater or
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As already mentioned, passenger-car equipment is built
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As first during the lSth century in France, so also among other
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the line no'w from Wuchan.g to Pinghsiang, even including the trajfiac
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United States no less than 79 universities and colleges, though of course of quite a
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as it were dissects and separates the lobules. This pneumonia, when chronic, creeps
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Helmont was the first to remark that the peripheral motor nerves were also sensitive
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dominance of the gastro-bilious, atrabilious or catarrhal element ".
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latter of whom was the first physician in England to point out rheumatism
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rises with the altitude, but as its partial pressure is determined by the
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" The greatest portion of the students belonged too to the privileged classes".
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[f — in case the profit realized exceeds the dividends allowed to the shareholders— a
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to believe that hyperopes and subjects with a marked amount of
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8. Auditory tests. — Tests on the sensitivity and acuity of the vari-
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1 he construction of the line between Seoul and Fusan was taken
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diseases of the eyes, and operating indiscriminately upon almost anything that
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ping tendency of much of the side-hill ground in Japan when dis-
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24 Frank was made court and garrison physician in Rastadt, three years later
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^ apt. Kich, and one of whose assistan ts was Mr. K. S. Low, already men-
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Colorado Springs, 6,000 feet, he averaged in systolic pressure 118.
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cessive. A diastolic pressure fall, when it occurs, will be either a
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street railways or tramways, which will be referred to later. These
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who wrote upon the blood and the lymphatic system, all of whom were
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service is a matter of arrangement between the parents of the
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are removed by repeatedly filling the tubes with water.
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wald. Sphygrnography labors under the objection that it does not show
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etc., in order to attain results mathematically indisputable. In thera-
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due to the fact that the weakness of the ocular muscles caused by
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and author of valuable investigations on inflammation and the embolic
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proved its superiority over the purely anatomical explanation, as has been the case
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