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stomach, in phthisis to the chest and stomach &c. Wet cups rarely ac-
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Membrana tympani, artificial . . . . . . . 518, 918
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motion in a downward direction; this was also the case with the
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ceutist of the Hotel-Dieu and professor of organic chemistry in Paris and, V. A.
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For a comniercial, industrial, and residential directory, the writer
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reason tests should rarely be prolonged to the point of fainting, un-
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unfavorable turn under the strain and stress of war.
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tremor in fingers, constant ; pupils react normally to light and accommodation.
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wanting, though they were neither elaborated everywhere into a system,
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periods of time of the sensing of motion downward by the first type
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sues the oxygen tension is always low and it is usually supposed
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The large systems, particularly at Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe
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smarting of the face with redness and very high color. The eyes
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these secondary inoculations. Recently Lancereaux at the Hopital St. Antoine
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the differences in individuals of the same species and race, the varieties,
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The writer, in presenting the above suggestions, appreciates the
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Zoology and botany in the seventeenth century were extended by
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tO' the imnortant intermediata cent«re of Changsha and Yochow,
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8.5 mm. (see Table 3). In the 10 corresponding cases in the low-
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herniotomy, performed tracheotomy with a canula, invented a special turnkey and
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midwifery" etc., London, 1821-32, while the elaborate work of the latter, "The
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frequently heard whistling merrily as they went to and
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attaining this fortunate position. Each of the several railways
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Meiboin at Helmstadt; the great savant and famous physician Hermann Conring, and
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arteries. It is well recognized abroad that the best age for the avi-
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Once more, however, he abandoned the Capuchins and resumed his studies in law,
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with no small pride and pleasure. In discharging this social
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department of modern pathogenesis, of the various views on certain ques-
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in part : J. B. Silva (1682-1742) of Bordeaux, professor in Paris ; Antoine

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