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Tna Abyss Theme 2014

do not believe in wasting good material for such a purpose as separat-

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hom-naise. Bl-laidl~nu basthu-/fcr-Mo fdn-Hi fan-Hi

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tions and five possible stimuli has been chosen. The subject presses

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corpuscles. They are supposed to be more numerous in the blood of

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Besides Freind, the most important English medical historian down to the pres-

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tna abyss theme 2014

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theory of Ch. Tred. Gerhardt (1816-1856) and his assistant Laurent, and of the so-

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work against the odds up to a very high altitude. When a diagnosis

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W. Henderson, who wrote a similar work ; David Cragie (1793-1866) of

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pulse, separated by the diaphragm. The superior again is divided into

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Pierre Noguez (1725) recommended cold baths in acute rheumatic and catarrhal

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weU Illustrated on the South Manchuria and Korean Wwaj^'

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In some respects the performances compare favorably with tl,'ioS)

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philosopher as well, who gave the first description of astigmatism; Henry Marshall

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railwajTi piiblislicci in the Chinese Social and Political

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reports, using a "picture" language, because the men are not sufii-

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mm. of barometric pressure there is approximately a fall of 4.2 mm.

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protect, but it is also the most sensitive to defective nutrition. After

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supplied bosom of his alma mater. Within the last few years, however, the establish-

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medical journal published in the South, and the "Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal",

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[The English statute of 1540, as already mentioned, permitted the

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will be more resistent to the action of altitude than the untrained or

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sities. Almost the earliest were delivered by Heister at Helmstiidt in 1754,

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professor at Padua, by his description of a method (1628), had supplied new support.

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period the operating ratio was reduced from 41.2 to 34.2 per cent,

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'• 382, line 12 from the bottom, read "an oil-cask" instead of "elephan-

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Weber in Darmstadt, an eminent operator and investigator; Hermann Scbmidt-

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rately the general average in such individuals, and, therefore, ex-

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