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fessor of pathological anatomy at Helsingfors (from 1859-1883^, the following

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This line was constructed by the government of the British colony

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while the United States will continue to supply all these lines with

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clinician who passes on the general physical fitness of the subject

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written a good history of French surgery in the 19th century, and Frc'dault

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Tezpur, carried off a girl from the house of her parents some

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however, by Theophrastus von Hohenheim. The latter drug he considered the

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issued to double the authorized outstanding capital shares, including

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Vienna, a famous pulpit orator, homiletic writer and poet, was an active veterinarian.

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chief accountant in techmcal control of the adminittration.

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at high altitudes or under reduced atmospheric pressures show clearly

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thesis on " Hirnmetamorphose " (1816) and a paper on the triple phosphates, furnish

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The business of this line at present is about 40 per cent passenger

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burning feathers, cried, " What have you done to me ? What

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present narrow gauge be replaced by the standard gaugf»?

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already given on a preceding page, and the honor of this beneficent system

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As German ophthalmology has found its representatives in Liebreich

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same author, whose opinion is of weight as that of one who regards the

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London, wrote "An essay on single vision with two eyes, together with experiments

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periment, while Magendie would confine these to inorganic nature (Introduction a

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determined definitely its indications, warns particularly against forcible pressing

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forgetfulness. and even Schonlein said: ''Whether an itch-mite is present in human

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important city of Hangchow, at the head of the Bay of Hangchow.

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of health and disease, reasoning from the known to the unknown, were indispensable.

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While the amount per capita of domestic commerce is small, yet

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they have so often received at the hands of the Assamese dhobi

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The followers of this doctrine, who modified it in some points, were some of them

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