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last lialf of 1916 show a profit of about 15 per cent on the investment.

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restrictions of the railway loan agreements, the Chinese Government,

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many cases showing symptoms of the anxiety neuroses.

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were present likewise some conditions which fostered the development

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best of intentions) and for the therapeutics based thereupon ! Far worse

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arbitrariness is evident from the names of the various classes. Thus e. g.

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other and with respect to this central monad, in "pre-established harmony" (Harmo-

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railway operation. Attention has ahready been called to the fact

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of Hupeh, ftbout 200 miles above Hankow, with Shingyifu in the

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New England, at least by the great body of practitioners, it has been neglected."

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carrying out night bombing expeditions. With this in mind, most

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it not. to his disadvantage, but we must also state that we can say of him nothing but

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Motion-sensing, therefore, assumes great additional importance to

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Delpech studied in his native city and was a pupil of Alexis Larrej 7 , though he

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branch, midwifeiy has attained among the branches of medicine a specially

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tiamways. When one considei-s that there Ls a population of only

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udm-thl-ldng-nantii tha-Ja, hangsii-^ si-khdng-nanUi

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sicians (1615)]. He was also appointed extraordinary physician to the

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Surgeons of the best stamp, most of whom were zealous and eager for

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before Sebastopol in the Crimean war, and author of "Outlines of surgical

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and matter. The principle of life is motion, of which there are three kinds:

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For the purpose of furnishing a standard plan on which these

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(short) with stockings, buckled shoes, lace ruffles, cap, and last, though by

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Of course parties (Ovists and Animaliculists) arose from two such

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confusion of revolutionary occurrences in 1911. He was dismissed

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made any claims lor a "sphere of influence" but has consistently

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besides the obstetricians more or 'less connected with the forceps-question,

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The best endeavors have therefore been used in this particular direction, with the

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where, not only between different states of the same language, but also as

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Post-graduate medical schools in the United States . . . 860 n. 2

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had a light burning between them and the patient! — According to the Frankfort

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