How much do you know about French Roulette? – How much do you know about French Roulette? Roulette owes its name to the French word “roulette” which means small wheel and because this game was created in France in the seventeenth century it is considered a French gambling par excellence. At present all the casinos in the world offer French roulette. The game is very popular in online casinos where versions of European roulette and American roulette are also offered. The game is very simple and consists of a separate wheel in 37 squares, with numbers from 1 to 36 plus a zero, where a ball rotates. The objective of the game is to guess the number where the ball will fall. Click here for poker indonesia.

Rules of French roulette

As with all roulettes, the player can bet on a number, neighboring numbers, red/black, odd / even, etc. There are different roulette bets from which you can consult the detailed information on this web page. In online casinos you bet as follows: first, choose the amount of money to bet, then choose the type of bet and finally click on the spin button. Visit this site for poker indonesia.

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There is a special rule, called la partage, which is the main difference between French roulette and other versions of roulette. The la partage rule applies only to French roulette. The rule goes like this: if the ball falls at 0 (zero), players only lose half of their bet to even numbers. The rule applies to the red/black, even / odd and miss/pass bets.

There is another rule, similar to this one, called enprisión, which is applied only in some online casinos and is typical for European roulette. When the ball falls at 0 and the bet is with even money, the player regains his bet and can use it in the next round. That way you get two bets for the price of one or lose only 50% of what has been wagered.

Differences between French and American roulette

French roulette has many things in common with European roulette and that is why there are people who consider them as equal games. However, the two games differ from each other and that is why they are offered in online casinos as different games. The main reason is the difference in the design of the mat of the two roulettes. The European has the same mat as the American one of a zero, that is, the external bets are on one side of the table and on the French side are on both sides. This is the big difference between the two roulettes that are the same in all other aspects. There is also a difference in the chips: in the French they are valuable and in the European, they are colored like the American one.

Types of bets in French roulette

The bets in the French roulette game are of two main types: simple and multiple. The simple ones are those that offer only one option to bet among several. The multiples are the bets that cover different possibilities of success. Simple ones can be red, black, even number, odd, missing (wins if any number between 1 and 18), a pasa (wins if any number between 19 and 36).

Multiple bets are the following: dozens (numbers from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24, from 25 to 36); columns (the three columns with numbers from 1 to 34, from 2 to 35 or from 3 to 36); horse or cheval in French (bet on two contiguous numbers on the mat), the chip is placed on the line that separates the two numbers; six (bets on six numbers that are in two contiguous rows of three horizontal numbers; box (bet on four numbers), street or cross (bet on three numbers that are in a horizontal row).

Bets can also be divided according to the position on the mat and can be internal and external. External bets are those that are made on both sides of the number field: single bets (red/black, even / odd) and multiple bets that are the other external bets. The internal bets (or bets to the field) are all those that are made in the field of numbers. Also popular are French roulette bets that are called combined or announced bets and are so called because they are announced aloud at the time of delivering the money to the dealer.

There are also bets that are of the group determined by the way of placing the chips. The two main forms are full bet and horse bet. When you bet on just one number and the chip is in the center of the box, the bet is called a plenary. When betting with the only card and covering two or more contiguous numbers of the board, in a horizontal or vertical position, it is called a horse.