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Railway construction in the congested districts of China will be
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Now on this ground it is a delusion to believe that in medicine we can ever stand
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an epoch in the history of the obstetric art. In this work he reckons presentations
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2. A slower sustained rate of speed immediately ensuing upon
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Stethogoniometer, the Cyrtometer of Woillez (1838) etc. F. Biegel in
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built largely to conform to British specifications and practice. It
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pilation of Dr. Paul Niemeyer entitled "Handbueh der theoretischen und klinis-chen
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clared a fool who wished to stand astronomy upon its head, appear the
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•even in the 17th century we had possessed not a few important surgeons,
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the sacrificial slaughtering of the goat, that the Deoddni is
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it is as low as Cooper E-35. A good example is the Shantung Rail-
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Pukow is under the general jurisdiction of the engineer-in-chief of
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different fastemng of German design was used «auway a
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roads, the canals, and the examples of well designed and constructed
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may be. A further test often applied is to have the candidate hold
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Professors were often the physicians-in-ordinary of princes, as e. g
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criticism of Buckle regarding the cultivation of the natural sciences is
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incident to the skin ", London, 1714) and Astruc continued incomplete. The first
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candidate stands at ease for two minutes, after which the pulse rate
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snn-e the completion of the Hne, although the freight business u
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The effect of tobacco upon the visual acuity has also been studied.
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After 25 minutes, during which time the oxygen was gradually de-
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recovered but his companions lost their lives in the ascent. These
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of the lymph-glands, together with an increased or diminished proportion
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medicine itself. The Indian physicians, like the Greek gymnasts and philosopheis
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found that the heart was being relieved by other compensatory
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we so often see. People in those days generally took off their hat to the
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