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importance in the future development of Manchuria, and has in the

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'important tmde centers of this densely populated part of Cliina.

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They are then placed on a bamboo platform inside the house

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nai-nai-baidi 3 nai-naise. JBe-au-nft mai~m girima-i-a 4 mai

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1804 a " Perkinean Institution" was established in London under the presidency of

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sure. All investigators have found that a more marked increase in

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advertisements that are now frequently appearing in the Peking,

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ing mechanism of the human machine, including the eye, was de-

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and Helmstiidt ; the two Bernoulli in Basel and Ernst Jeremias Neifeld

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continually originating and decaying. — From God springs primarily the spirit of

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Imperial Court only, in 1789 a school for 150 inferior surgeons and 100

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• — • Diant. B. P. Pulse Pressure Accom. in mm. Convergence in mm.

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Abraham Gottlob Werner (1750-1817) of Freiburg. The latter also elevated geology

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9. At the close of the test all papers (history, check slip, pulse and

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The Russians, in building the Chinese Eastern Railway, kept the

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1838); Thomas Mayo (1790-1871), author of '' Medical testimony and evidence in

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A shorter course lasted only 16 days, though precisely the same number of hours

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The doctrine of euthanasia was introduced as something new in 1794 by the

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century. He was a professor of anatomy, surgery and obstetrics and a busy practi-

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1843 ; Edmund Randolph Peaslee (1814-1878) of New York, whose first

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Connecticut. Dr. Perkins, a practising physician of intelligence and reputed

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Tlie montlily salaries of officers of Government Railways are:

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Wattmann and, according to his own account, a man of little erudition, but

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ear in accordance with their anatomical seat, grew up into a new depart-

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undisturbed or changed co-operation of these agencies furnished the

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tudes may develop w^hat is popularly known as " mountain sickness,"

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the glands e. g., and the serous and cutaneous surfaces, both of these are

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From Dalton this condition is known as "Daltonism". Sir Humphry Davy (1788-

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cent greater during more severe exertion than for similar experiences

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follow the latter. In Cesarean section he advises the incision to be made in the

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admits only the following principles of Hahnemann: "Experimental proving of

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held jute in special honour, and on occasions of great religious

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Boerhaave, though the two latter were the predominant principles. As the method

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Under the practical requirements of rating, tests must be single

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in Jena had accepted the call extended to them and were preparing for

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established a few years later. The latter school developed in 1785 into the

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nave ample running space in one of these narrow streets and still

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" New York, March 9. — The famous Doctor Dubuke, a Frenchman who was

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nothing of a religious character about it, its main feature being

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