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Conferencias Magistrales En Inglés

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Giessen in 1860. The early years of his practise were passed in various
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cW of wages in. Japan. _ It is stated, however, that considerable
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St. Andrew's and Edinburgh, and the inventor of the reflecting telescope in 1(562.
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agricultural products more than 15 per cent and manufactured prod-
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Here and there " Stadtaccoucbeure" were appointed in the 18th century. In
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life with disease, a struggle for life and death. Audacity and insensibility
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H. Charlton Bastian (The brain as an organ oi the mind etc., 1882); Arthur Hill
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philosophy, and has found its most spirited and influential representative
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blood the greater will be the amount of oxygen passing from the
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ject to control, although the detailed basis of these conditions is not
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add: Francis Fuller, author of a very popular " Medicina gymnastica" (1704)!
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pressure averaged 116, and the diastolic 84. The fear of high alti-
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not as a routine method of examination but only as a means of check-
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history led him into correspondence with Sir Hans Sloane and other mem-
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chief engineer of the North Section of the Ti^5tsS-P^,knw R»^w
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• nothing further." Gothe desired to draw some general conclusions, and even Gall
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written by his friend Dr. John Baron in 1827, ami in 1857 a monument to his memory
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to field service rapidly develop inflammatory throat conditions, which
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chwang branch and the extension to Hsinminting, both of which
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6. The tariffs for the carriage of 'panieiigers and ^oods, m ak> for BupplementMy
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pratique et de patholooie iatrique ou medicale", 1842-51; " Traite du diagnostic
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degree of falsity so correctly that he is able to calculate his voluntary
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thones, " sons of the soil," though they seem to have inter-
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peddlers of water and olitaten, 4 uroseopists, herniotomists (who also cut
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must be the chief support of the physician. — Recently, as we know, Wunckilicli, by
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The god-father, as well as the most important representative of
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one-quarter of the authorized capital, and dividends on the Govern-
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cured or prepared in any way, but simply dried in the sun ; and
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means of sections of frozen bodies. He was also very active in the introduction of
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free of charge on application to the head ofiice of the railway, Tientsin, Hopei.
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dle of a cultivated area. This is a typical illustration, and these small
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zontal imbalance. If the horizontal line is above the light there is
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municating phone system was used. As soon as a proper altitude
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tomical, nerveless elements of the tissues, of the blood, of parts in which
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special attention nor be predisposed to collapse under strain.
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1770. — Reliance upon the aid of nature in parturition found an eminent advocate
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Grigg at the Westminster Hospital ; Drs. Heywood Smith and Fancourt
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sistant station masters, and chiefs of train squads (train conductors)
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who had no veiy large income according to English ideas, possessed at his
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the dilatation can easily lead to a relative mitral leak.
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collections, one of which was brought into Russia by Peter the Great at an
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