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and rejected. A limited number give what might be termed

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19. Constitution of the board, which is to consist of nine members, elected by

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Fulton 11765-1815) invented our present steamboat (1803 or 1807), and George

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mentioned gathering the writer has sometimes seen well-nigh

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parts, which leads them under the influence of definite irritations to take

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dignit}\ Hence it has resulted that surgery has never gone backwards.

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length) in a distance of 7 miles. Of the above locomotives, 2,272 use

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edited in New York by Drs. Elihu H. Smith (1771-1798), Samuel L.

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By the invention of the ophthalmoscope the whole department of

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sates to a lower percentage than is possible where the rate of decrease

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cost of the present instaHation, including the double trolley, was

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roller, and there is likely to be a very considerable demand for high-

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ill Vladivostok, but the new lines are being built by the city and the

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(1815-1882); Bondioli; the famous Valer. Luigi Brera (1772-1840), suc-

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reasonably good bituminous €oal» of wliicli al>out 100,000 tons ai-c. at

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ization in 1788. We should also notice among the early American med-

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adaptive changes within the body when at high altitudes is the lack

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a small staff. The position of engineer-in-cliief is filled by a British

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lime, etc., will be turned over to the company freely, if these lands are the property

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He afterwards established a surgical and ophthalmic private clinic, and is particularly

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or there may occasionally occur a gradual rise in the systolic pressure

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carried on the Peking-Mukden was 3,671,2^4, from which the revenue

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pneumonia and phthisis, to cancer of the lungs, to pericarditis and to the signs of the

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in Kartik, Magh and Baisakh. There are no temples or fixed

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tically completed and m view of the controversy that arose reffardin^

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and Iatro-mathematics were still in the perfection of their bloom, or, as

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Pulse and respiration normal. Marked psychic effects soon after diastolic pressure be-

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simultaneous origin of other exudative processes, and thus increases the mortality",

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opment of the chick (1817). He distinguished himself as an anthro-

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formed a similar service for croup [in his " Inquiry into the nature, causes

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to the natural sciences and so extraordinarily inquisitive, many persons devoted

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strated the existence of the nervous fluid by the swelling of the nerves after ligation

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in France, or rather they had developed here further and higher, in im-

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of the tendo Achillis. He was likewise the pioneer of autoplastic surgery

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tramways in each case are under the general dkection of the mayor.

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the providing of funds for extensions, betterments, and additional

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early removal of sutures was revived by Bruns. Finally the antiseptic

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Figures 2S and 29, facing page 132, show a typical covered four-

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spirometer runs over a pulley and fastens to a counterbalance for

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A long list of these gods is given in an interesting paper by

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development of German surgery, particularly operative surgery, and an extremely

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thing is seen in Richard Wagner and his school, to saj' nothing of Offenbach. —

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If ptiysicians were, on the whole, very much respected, well situated

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than his own art" (Chemissoi. 1 Such expressions from time to time rise to the pro-

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of which 557 are of the covered or box car type; 378 of these are of

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