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France Bichat's programme of transforming medicine into a natural science
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empress Catharine II. of Russia was of course able to outbid all other
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Paris, was erected, as we have said, by the elder Fried in Strassburg. A
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started ,in 1899 for the specific purpose of completing this line for the
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great Marcello Malpighi l(i28-1694) of Crevalcuore near Bologna, pro-
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Francis Anthony (1550-1623 , whose assertion of the ineffable virtues of bis aurum
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never experienced nausea or dizziness. A 4-f- Wasserman and his-
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homoeopathic colleges were also credited with a production of 500 physicians am u-
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among others, four recipes, each containing a score or more of ingredients ;
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when all are duly provided for she makes obeisance to the
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Tlie principal Korean exporte^ are beans, ores, and rice; tbe prin-
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attached to the top of the tubes. This solution should stand in the
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1697. It ma}- be remarked here that anatomical plates designed to be
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and m satBlaction of other debte of the company, and the remainder shall be dis-
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Tranfe-Siberian route that Hes in Manchuria. It consists of the main
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Another term used in designating them is Datiy&l Kachari,
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in 1752, where he began a quarrel with the famous Faculty of Paris, by which the
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the level of the sodium hydroxide in the capillary tube comes up to
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Tientsin-Pukow line. Tlie concession included also the right to fur-
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all Germany until far into the fifties) degenerated into simple diagnosis.
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the 'Medicinisch-chirurgischc Akademie" or '-Josephinum", and also
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Sexton of New York ; Clarence J. Blake and J. Orne Green of Boston ;
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on October 26, 1911. was escorted by detachments from the legations
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she will not collude to keep secret the birth of a child; will be of good behavior;
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since 1682; the "Nouvelles de la Republique des Lettres" of Pierre Bayle, published
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of medicine, we may draw the experience that the representatives of any
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advanced and excellently cultivated, though even yet it was assigned to
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no very distant date by some common social bond. The date
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ward a forceps with a strong pelvic and perineal cnrve. [New System of midwifery,
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gastroenteritis, against which all his treatment must be primarily directed,
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psychologist further explains the procedure and verbally emphasizes
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accordance with the form showing the grading o! monthly salaries.
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Joh. Karl Wilh. M<">hsen (1722-1795) of Berlin,
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for sixty florins, and as late as 1680 a pound of the bark cost in London
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15th century) little but the rare discoveries in the bod) - had been recorded.
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the Peking-Hankow Railway apply in aU details to this Hne.
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Preference is given to British materials, after those from Chinese
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1. Upon this view Helvetius subsequently based a theory of inflammation, which
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untouched to futurity ; so the nineteenth centur} 7 struggles almost extrav-
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numerous delusions of the past, recalled, perhaps, by the more recent developments
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