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of mind in the treatment of the various problems which are forced

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of surgeiy given below, and see from it that he was compelled at the close

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This for a long time passed for an axiom, and produced the same effects as

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may be carried out successfully, but without unnecessary strain. The

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Priessnitz (1799-1852), should be mentioned among the medical theories, inasmuch

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the roof airangement of this equipment, which is so desig^ed^onl "r

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in which the abnormal products (exudates) of the cutis are retained between it and

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In 1907, when the company took up the management of the rail-

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pamphlets were published in explanation of the modus operandi of the new thera-

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finger-ring), a perforator, baby-scale etc. Many of his teachings are still held in

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limits of modern (political) Assam, i.e., in North-east Bengal

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Khintu Tn da laidi-s<G,i-tii-n<il tha-lai. l-nt-Jcha^ ang

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anatomicse", 1836; "Langenbeck's Bibliothek fiir Chirurgie und Ophthalmologic"

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record, with mention of his athletic record. These data tell us some-

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quantity or quaUty. A company was organized early in 1917 with

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of the century — and not in the department of medicine alone — in a way

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which it maintains during the test — the observer bringing up his

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railways are probably wi.lling to do. By,, t,he Government mill have everv-

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extraordinarily important role, which relates less to the function, the

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whicli inatitnlion is under tlie direction of the Ministrv' of Commuiii-

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equal to the dividend paid on Government shares, usually 2i per

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the Hei-Nan branch from Pingyang (Heijyo) to the port of Chin-

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lA'^'2^^.^^^^''¥''?.^'"^^*y' ^^^^^^r ^h 1916, amounted to

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caries are not always rewarded for their trouble, their bills take precedence of

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anatome corporis humani, 1754); Charles Nich. Jenty (1757); William Northcote

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ated, would have died of that disease."— The inoculations against anthrax, when

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operation, urinated blood after its repetition, and finally died. Lower and King,*

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colleagues; for at that time to be a colleague was not to be an enemy. In this way

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Charles White also taught the reduction of dislocations of the shoulder with the heel

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vaccinate in Austria, performing the operation upon his own children,

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There are many factors involved in the judgment of distance, but

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and after the uterine wound had already healed. The

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protective wherever there are Japanese manufacturers to protect,

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quality which astonishes us, though its advantages are often doubtful (and the same

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pression. But, alas, when he anticipated that death would grant him no

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often occurred between 10,000 and 15,000 feet. Men Avith over one

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enormous number of human beings, particularly among the peoples ravaged

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individual can acquire such an immunity without much difficulty.

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lA'^'2^^.^^^^''¥''?.^'"^^*y' ^^^^^^r ^h 1916, amounted to

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feet 8i mches it is not likely that any long lines wHl be built extend-

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Kamrup at least, mostly to the north of the great earthwork

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be broken off after the sixth turn. Thereafter the ocular movements

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—Danish, 1098— Finnish, 1098— Swedish, 1099-modern Greek, 1099.

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as $1,204,690, and, in addition, there is held by the trustee of the

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and several subsequent notes under date of March 1, 1913. March 3

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