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Stress Block For Reinforced Concrete

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medical course of the author of this work, a similar hole for the study of anatomy
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handle this growing business. The following table shows a comnari-
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better class, who, as we have already remarked, must determine our
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with the earlier blood or humoral, and nervous or solid pathologies. In-
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frontier, will \ye sealed by the office of the Chinese customs, and can not leave Chinese
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iHiriliT. wdiere it wii connect with the Kwainei-Seishin Railway to
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to TJrZ« fn ifT*^ routes from Kalgan are, one to the northwest
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homoeopathic dose occasions almost inexpressibly wonderful phenomena.
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not that I have any particular desire to eat you, but if I do a
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called forth by an external influence, are either functional, nutritive or
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Aviation medical authorities in the war zone have remarked that
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the blood passes through the lungs and heart by the pulsation of the
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sisted in discovering the 'diathesis" upon which so-called methods of
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minded foreign railway experts who will work for the railway develop-
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equipment, however, is well adapted for handling the traffic. Most
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should be demonstrated by the auscultation tube during inflation by
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sufficiently grounded, and thus it is exposed to an easy overthrow." "By
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The following table shows the operating results for the same group
stress block for reinforced concrete
Bischoff von Altenstern at the "Josephsakademie '' (Grundsatze zur Erkenntniss und
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trapsportation and accoiiiite de^partmeiitu, one of wLm almll represent, the Japanew
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Surgeons, 1840-1855, and of Patholog} T and Practical Medicine, 1855-1884,
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following exj^osure to altitudes below 5,000 feet. These results are
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the chief of these, the anatomy and physiology of his time — need only be
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were overrun with "quacks". Toner says "There were probably not 3,500
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and founder ot a scientific theory of prescribing), a savant as thorough as he was
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four years served as an army-surgeon. In 1839 he was appointed professor in Halle
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Anton Nuck, professor in Leyden (1650-1692), distinguished himself
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Sharers in the new foundation of this branch of surgeiy were Bern-
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inistry of Communieations. Station masters (station agents), as-

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