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consummated by the sacrifice of a fowl or pig, to be partaken of
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berg, who also delivered lectures for 1)0}S and girls above ten years of age.
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Formad of Philadelphia ; William Osier, now of the Johns Hopkins
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fulness of pathological anatomy". His assistants were J. Kolletschka (1803-1847;
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exercise, amusements, travelling, baths in compressed or rarefied air, inhalations ol
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formation of the cocoon, the insects' quarters must be kept
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ogy of Cullen, 616-618 — the theory of Christ. Ludwig Hoffmann. 623
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and still more with the speech of the people (Dinicts^) of the
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Front a Photograph by Messrs. Bourne <& Shepherd.
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waiting for them, to some neighboring territory, where they escaped punishment.
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toward extending the supervision or direction of purchases, which
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physicians." The last statement is no longer true, but the following
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ately."— The N. Y. Gazette; and the Weekly Mercury, July 19, 1773.
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Purchases were formerly largely directed by the Japanese chief
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the sole control of the Poking Government, to which the said agent shall from time to
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Almost all the English surgeons mentioned above also devoted attention to ophthal-
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could be extended to much advantage, especially materials for very
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(1599-1670) confirmed the discovery of Aselli, but was merely a witness of the dis-
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with a post-nasal mirror, the digital examination being unnecessary.
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does not seem to have preserved its author from the commonest error of his
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with New Tsitsihar, a new town on the Chinese Eastern Railway,
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are not kept thoroughly adjusted. If even half as much care as is
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millions of marks, bequeathed 200,000 marks for scientific and medical objects, and
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Bildungsfehler des menschlichen Auges etc., Berlin 1838-41, with an atlas), and
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tated, and it thus resulted that throughout the whole 18th century an
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Jean Zulima Amussat (1796-1856) of Saint-Maxent in the depart-
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" 649, line 4 should read : " On one occasion, when eight physicians were
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otomy, tied the crural artery high up for aneurism of the popliteal and recognized
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per cent gold bonds, with 40-year sinking fund. Of an authorized
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in which the students raised objections. The diploma with its seal etc. followed.
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etc. Their present habitat may be roughly described as the Habitat,

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