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harsh, pulse tense and hard, pain in the chest, increased by coughing, still little

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come evident that a full daily program will not be possible as a con-

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course for the same period as might be requisite for the less capable. No

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men, an altitude of 14,000 feet does not influence the arterial blood •

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tHe line, m also the lands m the vicinity of the line necea.sary ft>r procurring sand stone

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the taking of a second wife when the first proves childless.

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1. Voit proved, on the contrary, that the excretion of nitrogenous matters, and par-

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Enterprise in China," divides the development into three periods-

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pract«;e of the builders, the tendency for new work and maintenance

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mon~cm zi Jchorang dang, lyl khiiha-gan" Tian-'ba, Inma

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Aviation Service, casualty list, reduction of methods for 204, 205

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of the last mentioned, was the eminent physician mentioned in the text, and his

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( 160 1—1 672 ; he said of Riolan that he would rather give up a friend than an as6er

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all medical heretics), so Bouillaud regarded Dr. Broussais as the '-Messiah

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vivium shall be so reduced that: 1. It shall continue for one evening meal only, and

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the hold began. A slowing of the pulse rate, when an altitude was

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admirable History of Assam, (Calcutta, Thacker, Spink and Co.,

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not to be confounded with an elder John Bell (who lived 1691-1780),

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Benjamin Travers (1783-1858), Serjeant Surgeon to the Queen and

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• tlioug*! a good deal of progiess has ah-eady been made to that end.

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of the sciences. Yet amid these apparently hostile surroundings there

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mon-au nimg-nantii, thdso-bare 4 sing-au thd-hui-naise.

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to tiie Russian Govenunent, the remainder ol the money bein£ then at the diai

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chemistry, and pharmacy. These lectures were public, and were delivered by three

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Amur River steamer lines are in a way under one general adminis-

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necessity, the negative form is ndng-a, needless, in emphasis,

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Cant^jn-Kowloon (Cliui-Kuang) Eailwav'(f'hirim> Fec-tirm)

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tion as ordinary physician his own attendant, who had held the contrary

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quite a contrast to the present day. when in all parts of Germany (far more

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The number above normal is certainly excessive according to the

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there was a marked loss in the power of adduction, and diplopia

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In the national university of Christiania Magnus Andreas Thulstrup

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masonry highway bridges— many now in excellent serviceable con-

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was far more commonly emploj'ed by savants and physicians even in the

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