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Hypnos Greek Mythology Facts

Chief, technical affairs T. 0. Ito (engineer), Tokyo.
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Some previous views of a similar nature are to be found too among the Ancients
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(1793-18(37) of the Charite, who also devoted special attention to diseases of the
hypnos greek mythology facts
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(1797-1873), who wrote upon the physiology of the voice (1836) and laryngoscopy
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built largely to conform to British specifications and practice. It
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effect even when it occurs near the earth. It is probable that the
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was very Mttle actual plant when t.he Japanese acquii-ed the property.
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air and the leveling bottle is lifted until the gas is expelled from the
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It IS estimated that one person cultivates half an acre and that there
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The China Year Book for 1916 stows the area of all Chmese terri-
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mechanism capable of meeting the call of the tissues for oxygen. The
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bottom of the burette should be removed and the rubber discon-
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During the last century Auenbrugger's invention attained but sparing recognition.
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the 36th day, suffered from hydrophobia. Of 38 patients bitten by wolves, three
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than the bridges on some of the other Chinese railways, particularly
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particularly scourged, e. g. Eisenach in 1728, Rouen in 1743, Plymouth 1741,
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frequent in New England, and is said to have ravaged the Indian tribes of
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Physiology — Egyptian, 20 — Talmudic, 37 — Indian, 49 — Chinese, 55
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cadaver are found a contracted and bloodless heart, and tense, deep-red
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handwriting — in some cases — becomes difficult to read, whereas other
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condition the latter, and when the} - cease life also ends.
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fof thetiiildwl^f Jfio^^^ and American funds have been utilized
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to the fact that their phagocytes, during their intercourse with bacteria
order chaos abyss of limitless gears
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in 40,000 francs. The charlatan was able to deceive even the queen, and when he
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taken into the basm near Iiigli tide. There are a number of otlier
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Mukden line, where the traffic is growing to such an extent as to
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•ever, the literary activity of Italian physicians in the department of mid-
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i.e., (1) Byabcharis and (2) Paramarthis. The latter are largely

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