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1670 for 10,000 crowns, but, beiug unable to manage the test-case submitted to him by
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fees of their students. As a rule nothing more than a fair common-school education
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raised about five feet from the ground. A single house will
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tunnels on the line, but the longest is only about 960 feet in length.
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to the Hopital Beaujon), professor of therapeutics in Paris; " L' Union Medicale",
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These 21 tissues, selected without the aid of the microscope (which Bichat
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The Loupe, in the department of optical accessories, has been employed
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lubricatoF is generally used for saturated steam. The Dreadnaught
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b^rna^'*%' "^ ^^, Tientsin-Pu^ow conditions referred tTlater as
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puri in Berlin, the city of intelligence, compelled the surgeon Gilh'. who
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It was thought more convenient to extend the line to Kweihwa and Suiyuancheng.
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its value began among the more important physicians, and the final settle-
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from the responses obtained at sea level. We may, therefore, with a
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of watenvorks, inchiding fire protection. In brief, the shops consti-
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River from Hsuchow to Chungking, where connection would be made
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physical diagnosis, without, however (like those who plume themselves particularly
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Test object ol)served during periods of three minutes with one minute intervais
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etc., 1828; Traite complet des maladies des femtnes etc., 1838); Blatin and Nivet,
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Christ. GrOTTL. Kratzenstein (1723-17!»5) of Wernigerode, pro-
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be short, so as not to weary the patient (a thing not infrequently forgotten)
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been just made, the ophthalmoscope, was invented by professor Hermann
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slightly developed fruits of these germinale upon a common soil" etc. — At that time,
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problem, a great deal has been done on effects of insufficient oxygen
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will also be noticed that the wages on this system are considerably
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ulum, and his example was followed b}' others. But the most lasting
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1. That in the year 1756 a notary, Martin Frobenius Ledermuller, was compelled to
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mutes, in full possession of vestibular function, showed, however, a
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This fact is very strikingly shown in the history of the theories of the
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sory sinus diseases. Even a suspicion of this condition should lead
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different epochs of civilization. What the struggling present considers

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